Funny Housewarming Gifts

Funny housewarming gifts are a great way to lighten up the mood over a new home purchase. The new owners are probably overwhelmed about unpacking and maybe even a little stressed out about the new mortgage payment they will be responsible for. So if you think the new homeowners are due for a little laughter in their life, then consider some of these gag housewarming gifts.

Funny Doormat

Give the new owners something to giggle about everytime they arrive at their new home. A doormat can be a fun way to welcome the owners to their new abode. If the doormat is not appropriate for the front door, they can always use it for the backdoor or even for entering and exiting the garage. Regardless, one cannot simply not use of of these funny doormats!

Funny Wine Corkscrews

A bottle of wine always makes a great housewarming gift! And a fun companion gift to the bottle of wine could be a funny wine corkscrew! They will never forget it and it may just come in handy if they haven't unpacked their own corkscrew yet!

Funny Take-out Menu Cookbooks

Who has time to cook when you're busy unpacking? A take-out menu cookbook can be a really funny housewarming gift and it can even be a practical gift idea for the new homeowners who may really be craving some Chinese take-out after spending all day unpacking and organizing their new home. To make this gag gift even more practical, consider stopping by local restaurants and filling the "cookbook" up with take-out menus that the couple can use right away.

Cookbooks for Men

These cookbooks are made for the bachelor in mind. These creative cookbooks would be a hilarious gift for a guy who is not known for his skills in the kitchen.

Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt is considered a traditional housewarming gift, so what better way to give the new homeowners some spice in their lives than through a funny pair of salt and pepper shakers? They will definitely get a kick out of your creativity and will make a cool talking piece at the party!

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