Housewarming Gift Baskets

Housewarming gift baskets are a great way to congratulate new homeowners. They are also great if you do not live near the family, but would still like to send them your well wishes. There are many different styles to choose from, so you can easily find the perfect gift basket to match the personality of your recipients!

Wine Gift Basket

Wine gift baskets are a wonderful treat to receive in the mail! Many of these types of wine gift baskets also come with specialty chocolates or other yummy treats that pair nicely with the types of wine included.

Popcorn Lovers / Movie Night Gift Basket

A popcorn lovers or movie night gift basket is a great idea for new homeowners because it will give them a reason to take a breather from all the unpacking and organizing. Staying in and watching a movie is the perfect way to enjoy being in their home.

In the Kitchen Gift Basket

A basket with fun recipes and ingredients for a lovely meal (or dessert!) can be a great gift for homeowners who enjoy cooking. If they have yet to stock their kitchen with groceries, then having all the ingredients to whip up a meal can also be a great timesaver.

BBQ Gift Basket

A BBQ housewarming gift basket would be great for homeowners who are excited about their new backyard, or for a bachelor whose specialty is grilling. Whatever the case, a BBQ themed basket is a great gift for anyone with a BBQ.

Pampering Gift Basket

Give the new homeowners a reason to slow down and indulge themselves with a pampering gift basket! A relaxing in-home spa treatment may be the perfect answer to a long day or week of moving into a new place.

Healthy Gift Basket

A gift basket chocked full of yummy and healthy snacks can be a great gift for a small family or anybody who is health conscious! The little treats will be especially appreciated if the family has just moved in and has yet set up their kitchen.

Gardening Gift Basket

A gardening themed gift basket can be a wonderful idea, especially if the new homeowners have already talked about planting a garden in their new backyard. This can be a thoughtful way to show that you are excited and happy about this new chapter in their lives.

Coffee or Tea Gift Basket

A simple gift basket of coffees or teas can be a nice way to send your congrats. And it can be a fun way to introduce a coffee or tea lover to new varieties of their favorite drink. Many of these types of gift baskets also include some delicious treats that pair nicely with coffee or tea.

Gift Basket Full of Sweets

A housewarming gift basket full of yummy treats can be the perfect escape for new homeowners! Slowly down and enjoying some specialty snacks can be just the indulgence that new homeowners need in the midst of all the unpacking going on.

Around the World Gift Basket

A gift basket themed with regional treats can be a creative gift for new homeowners. As they embark on a new chapter in their lives, and perhaps they are even living in a new geographical area themselves, giving them the gift of regional comfort food can be the ultimate treat.

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