Housewarming Gifts for Men

Shopping for men could sometimes be difficult, but if you're looking for the perfect manly housewarming gift there is plenty of room to get creative. Whether he's a bachelor moving into his first apartment or a married man buying his first house, finding the perfect gift should be fun and easy. For more ideas you can also browse personalized housewarming gifts for men.


If he's gonna be working around the house he's going to need the proper tools. A nice tool set that has all the basics (hammer, tape measure, screwdrivers, etc) will come in handy if he ever needs to fix anything on the fly.

If he already has some tools, then you might consider getting him a nice tool chest or tool box where he can house all of tools. And a new tool box or standing tool chest can be especially nice if he is excited about finally having his own garage or tool shed.

George Foreman Grill

The George Foreman Grill has become a staple in kitchens everywhere. It provides a quick and easy way for someone to cook up a quick meal, and any guy would love to have one. It's easy to quickly grill steaks, chicken, and fish and a snap to clean up! And a little grill is perfect for a single guy living alone.

Home Beer Brewing Kit

A new home can be conducive to new hobbies, and what better hobby for a guy to take up than brewing beer? There are some nice beer making kits to get him started, and once he brews his first batch he can throw a beer tasting party!

Funny Doormat

You can usually tell if a woman lives in the house if there is a doormat. Why, because men usually don't purchase new doormats. You can remedy this situation by giving him a funny doormat. If he's too embarrassed to put it in the front he can always put it in the back. Either way, he'll be sure to get a kick out of it.

Rec Room Games

Moving into a new house should be fun and exciting. If he's having a housewarming party, then giving him a cool rec room game means that it'll probably be broken in that first night. And it will give him an excuse to have even more get togethers!

Men's Magazines

Giving him a subscription to a men's magazine or two is an inexpensive gift that will last all year. Not only are magazines interesting to read, but they are also great to just have sitting on the coffee table for guests to thumb through.


Gift Basket for Men

Gift baskets are always fun. When moving into a new home receiving a gift basket is like getting a welcome package. Nowadays there are some pretty creative gift baskets to choose from, there are even some that are geared especially for guys.

Shaving Equipment

Now that he's moving into a new home he should try to look presentable in front of his new neighbors! You can help him out by getting him a new razor. A nice razor or shave set would make a useful gift and will also look nice in his bathroom.

Video Games

Perhaps he's just a big kid moving into a new house. If this is the case, you can get him a new video game console. He can hook it up right there in his living room.

Personalized Valet Tray

Moving into a new place is a good excuse to get organized. One of the simplest ways to do so is with a valet tray. All he's got to do is put it in a central location and he'll always know where to throw his keys, watch, wallet, etc.


Home Improvement Books

Sometimes a house can be a mystery. With a home improvement or a home repair book on hand he will be able to fix anything. Not only is this a valuable learning tool, but it could very well save him a lot of money should something break.

Outdoor BBQ or Smoker

If his new house has a backyard then he'll love a new BBQ or a smoker! This is simply another great addition to any man's house and is great if he likes entertaining.

BBQ Supplies

If he's already got a BBQ then you can't go wrong with some BBQ supplies. Whether it's some nice sauces and spices, a personalized cooking tool set, or a few nice cuts of beef, he'll be sure to love it.

Cookbooks for Men

With his new kitchen comes new responsibilities. By getting him a manly cookbook he'll have no excuse not to get in there and start cooking. These definitely make great housewarming gifts for men.

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