Housewarming Gifts for the Couple

Finding creative or even practical housewarming gifts can be a great way to help a couple turn their new house into a home. If the house has a pool or big backyard, then you might consider some welcoming gifts that they can use outside.

There are no limits to what you can get for a new home, which means you have a lot of room to really get creative. Here are some fabulous housewarming gift ideas to help make the transition to homeownership even better for the couple.

Beautiful Hand Embroidered Pillows

A hand embroidered pillow can be a wonderful way to welcome a couple to a new region, state, or even country. Or if your favorite couple is moving away, then perhaps an embroidered pillow can represent their old stomping grounds and would be a great way to remember where they came from. This will certainly end up being a keepsake one-of-a-kind gift that they will treasure forever.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

A sweet and simple housewarming gift for a couple could be a personalized Christmas ornament that celebrates their new home purchase. This little gift can be a wonderful way to highlight this tremendous milestone in their life. And with every future holiday season in their home, they will be able to recall those first days in their new home and perhaps reflect on all of the great memories they have made since then.

There are also a lot more personalized housewarming gifts, such as a family plaque or even a monogrammed yard sign, that you can consider when looking for the best gift for a couple.

Happy Home Signs

Home is Where Our Story Begins
Home Is Where Happy Memories Grow
There's No Place Like Home

Salt and Pepper Shakers / Grinders

A fun and simple housewarming gift for a couple can be a cool new salt and pepper shaker or grinder set. Salt is a traditional housewarming gift that is given so that the new home may always have spice!

So a new salt shaker can be a great way to give a modern twist to a traditional idea. Don't forget to include a container of salt along with the gift if the shaker or grinder does not already have it, you can be the first to add some new spice into the new home!

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes make a lovely housewarming gift because it can add a warm and inviting feeling to an outdoor patio or balcony. If the couple is excited about having their own backyard or outdoor deck, then they will definitely appreciate a beautiful wind chime to add to their outdoor decor.

Wind chimes generate different musical notes depending on how they were made and what type of material was used, so if you are musically gifted, then you might look into finding the best sounding wind chimes for the new home owners.

Board Games

Board games are a great gift for a young couple who are moving into a new home. It's always fun to have plenty of board games handy for impromptu parties, holidays, and other get togethers!

Adorable Handmade House-Shaped Pillow

Some say that home is where you hang your hat, but wouldn't the saying also be true if it was home is where you rest your head? These adorable handmade house shaped pillow can be the perfect gift for a the new homeowners! It will add a sense of comfort to their new home and always give them a place to rest their head.

Home Improvement Books

What better gift for new homeowners than home improvement books? If the couple has purchased a fixer-uppper or are already talking about what type of changes they have in store for their new nest, then consider giving them their first (and probably not last) book on home repair and improvement. A great companion gift to a fix-it handbook would be a gift card to a local hardware store or a new tool. They will love your thoughtfulness!

Home Improvement Supplies

Improving a home takes a lot of work, time, and tools! So consider giving the couple a jumpstart on any home improvement projects that they have in mind with a gift certificate to a home improvement store or even some new tools.

Robot Vacuum

A wireless vacuum is a great way to make the new homeowners lives easy! Many wireless vacuums work on a variety of different surfaces, including carpet and hardwood flooring. Giving them the gift of a clean house will allow them to spend more time with the fun aspects of homeownership, like decorating and throwing dinner parties!

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a fun and creative way to congratulate a couple on their new home! It is a gift that they will continue to enjoy throughout the first year in their home. If the new homeowners have plans to garden or create the ultimate designer home, then you can indulge their ideas with a magazine focused on their goals.


Cookbooks for Couples

A fun cookbook written especially for couples would make a lovely housewarming gift. Few things are more special than creating a home-cooked meal in a new home. Aside from simply cooking for two, there are also specialty and classic cookbooks that any foodie couple would love to have in their collection.

Yard/Lawn Games

Yard/lawn games are a fantastic way to congratulate a couple on their new home! Yard games are fun for the whole family and make backyard bar-be-ques even more entertaining. If your couple loves to play games and will probably be using their new backyard frequently, then yard games are definitely the way to go!

Wine Gifts & Accessories

A beautiful way to celebrate a new home is with a great bottle of wine. If the new home owners enjoy wine, then consider getting them a great personalized wine accessory or perhaps even a wine gift basket. Browse additional wine gifts and accessories.


A weathervane can be a great housewarming gift for a couple or family. A weathervane is a great outdoor accessory that can be added to the house, a garden shed, or even a garage or barn. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, so you may be able to find a cool type of style that matches the new home or home environment.

For instance, if the family just moved onto a farm, then a pig or cow themed weathervane would be great! Or if the new home is located in the woods where deer are frequently spotted, then a whitetail deer themed weathervane could be perfect.

Serving Tray

Serving trays are always a useful kitchen and entertaining accessory. Consider a personalized serving tray for the newly minted homeowners as a housewarming present that they will surely appreciate.

Wall Clock

A indoor or outdoor wall clock is a wonderful way to congratulate the couple. There are many different styles of wall clocks to choose from and if you are familiar with the couple's preferred decor, then you might be able to find the perfect clock for them to fill up an empty space on their wall. Wall clocks make practical and decorative housewarming gifts.


What better way to relax outside in your new backyard than in a hammock? A hammock is a fun gift that would be perfect for a summer housewarming party! There are many different styles that range from single hammock seats to extra-large two person hammocks.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pits are great for keeping warm outside during cool evenings. If the new home has the place for a fire pit, it can be a great focal point for an outside patio or deck area. The couple will love the idea of truly enjoying their new home with the ability to stay outside longer because of the warmth a new fire pit provides.

Welcoming Doormat

A cool and decorative doormat can be a great housewarming gift for the couple. It not only adds a welcoming touch for guests, but it helps to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that gets tracked into a home.

Table Fountain

A table fountain can add a sense of serenity to a home, and can make a wonderful present for a couple whose decor may be more natural. It can be a wonderful focal point for a bare foyer or hallway table.

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