Housewarming Gifts for Women

There are all sorts of creative housewarming gifts for women that would make the perfect congratulations as she moves into her new home! Owning a home is a notable milestone in any person's life and giving a meaningful gift is a wonderful way to celebrate this milestone with her. For even more ideas you can also browse personalized housewarming gifts for women.

Housewarming presents can range from practical items for the home or garden, to carefree and funny items that she will definitely get a kick out of!

Beautiful Unique Vase

A beautiful vase, complete with fresh flowers, can be a lovely way to congratulate her on her new home! A new vase can be an easy way for her to brighten up a space in her new home or just add a personal touch to her favorite room.

Bird Feeder

If she is swooning over her new backyard or patio, then consider getting her a fun birdbath. This can be a great gift that will give her a chance to start decorating her new outdoor area. And it will attract some wonderful feathery friends to her new home.

Clever & Sassy Doormat

A funny or sassy doormat can be a great gift for her! There are a lot of different doormat styles that finding the perfect one to match her personality will be a lot of fun! With a new home, she may need doormats galore, for the front door, side door, and even the back door! Not only do they welcome house guests, they also help to reduce debris and keep the flooring clean.

Miss Fix-It Gear

Who needs a handyman when you have all the tools you need to get things done yourself? Having a complete set of tools is great for any homeowner, and is perfect for anything from small repairs to hanging up pictures.

Decorative Regional Home Decor

Is your favorite gal moving to a big city? Or moving away from a big city to somewhere new and faraway? Here are some wonderful gifts that highlight different regions, states, or even countries! This is a great way to congratulate her on moving into a new home or can be a lovely reminder of where she has come from.

New Wooden Chopping Block

Wood is considered a traditional housewarming gift meant to signify stability in a new home and what can be more stable than a heavy duty chopping block? A quality chopping block can be proudly displayed on a kitchen counter and can last for ages.

So if your new homeowner is still relying on flimpsy plastic or unstable glass cutting surfaces, then surprise her with an awesome new chopping block. A great companion gift to a new chopping block can be wood oil, which will keep the wood from drying out and help the block maintain a rich and healthy looking hue.

Bath & Spa Gift Set

A spa gift set is always a fabulous gift for a woman, especially if she's just spent days upon days unpacking and re-arranging furniture! Give her an excuse to relax, indulge, and pamper herself with a lovely spa gift set.

Women's Magazines

A subscription to a magazine can make a great housewarming gift for her! Every month she can look forward to a new issue of her favorite magazine sent directly to her new place! To present the subscription, you can pick up the latest issue and give her a note letting her know that she should be expecting new issues monthly!


Herb Garden

Herb gardens add a touch of warmth to any windowsill or kitchen. Not only are they beautiful and fragrant plants, but they are also practical because fresh herbs are ideal for cooking and there is nothing more convenient for someone who likes to cook than fresh herbs growing right in your kitchen.

Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum is a hands-free, wireless, and carefree way to keep one's flooring clean. Many robot vacuums work with all kinds of flooring and some are geared towards homeowners with pets! If she is constantly at the office or traveling or just anti-housecleaning, then consider a robot vacuum for her, she will love you forever!

Gift Basket

If you do not live nearby, but would still love to send her something sweet for her new home, then consider sending her a gift basket. There are many themed gift baskets that you can choose from, including a gardening gift basket! She will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness in celebrating with her even if you are not nearby.


If she is thrilled about her new kitchen or even having more cooking space, then consider getting her some new cookbooks! There are essential cookbooks that every kitchen should have, but if she enjoys certain types of foods or cooking methods, then consider getting her a more specialized cookbook. With any luck, she'll soon be inviting you over for a dinner party!

Garden Tools

Gardening tools are a great gift for anyone with a green thumb! If she is already planning out a little garden for herself, then a set of gardening tools would make the perfect gift. It is both thoughtful and practical!

Picture Frame

Picture frames are always a great go-to gift, especially for a housewarming party because it will give her a jumpstart in really personalizing her new place. If you are familiar with her particular style, then it will be fun to find the perfect frame for her.

Digital Picture Frame

A more modern type of picture frame that you might consider for a housewarming gift for her may be a new digital picture frame. Digital picture frames allow a person to insert a USB drive filled with photos into the frame and it will create a type of slideshow of the photos. This can be a great gift for a gal who has so many photos that it's hard to keep track! It will allow her to create a slideshow of her favorite photos and be reminded of those great memories without having to go through the hassle of printing out her photos, then inserting it into a physical picture frame.

Plants or Flowers

Plants are considered traditional housewarming gifts and symbolize having an abundance of life in a new home. Flowers are also a great way to add some color and vibrancy to a new place. If you do not live near the new homeowner, but would like to extend your congrats, then sending a fresh bouquet of flowers would be perfect!

Cool Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are a must-have for anyone! There are so many different cool fridge magnets that she will love to receive. There are even fridge magnets that are themed by certain big cities, so if she is moving to Chicago, Vegas, or another big city, then consider trying to find some cool magnets that honor her new locale!

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