Housewarming Invitations

Creating your housewarming invitations are the first step in planning a great housewarming party!

There are many different types of housewarming parties and the invitations are the best way to convey the occasion or theme of the party.

The basics of a housewarming invite include:

What: Let everyone know what your celebrating! This can be through the title used on the invite or through the design and images on the invite.

When: If it is an open house party, then you should indicate the times that the home will be open. Housewarming parties are usually casual events, so just let your invitees know when to show up!

Where: This is the important part! Make sure you provide concrete directions to your new place, especially if many of your friends and family members are not familiar with the area. It may be nice to print out a map with explicit directions to include in the housewarming invitation, rather than just the address.

How: Let your invitees know how the party will play out! Are you serving food or just appetizers? Will there be a poker tournament? Is it a pool party, should they bring their suits?

Luckily, you can easily create custom housewarming invitations made with all of your specific details and your design of choice.

Here are some more housewarming invite ideas to consider depending on what type of party you are throwing.

New Housewarming Party

Many people throw a housewarming party after they have unpacked completely. Your friends and family probably do not except you to throw a party right after your move-in date! So take your time and make sure that everything is set up the way you want it before inviting others over for the first time.

Some people choose to also invite their new neighbors over to a housewarming party so that they can meet their new community. If you are planning on getting to know your neighbors this way, then consider housewarming invitations that speak to your personality. If your invitees do not know you at all, then your invitation theme and overall aesthetics will give them a clue about who you are and the overall tone of the party.

Along with considering the design of the invitation, you may want to include details, such as whether food and drinks will be served or if it is an open house rather than a set party. You also may want to include a note that you do not want gifts, if indeed you are not expecting gifts from your new neighbors, because many people may feel unsure about proper housewarming etiquette, especially if they do not know you yet.

Renovation/Remodel Housewarming Party

Another time that people throw a housewarming party is when their home has gone under a huge remodel or major renovations. If you are throwing a party because of a house renovation, then it can be fun to put up pictures of your house before, during, and after the renovation.

Your housewarming invites can also reflect the new change in your home by showcasing some before and after pictures right on the invite or included inside with the invite. If may also be fun to call the party a ribbon cutting ceremony and actually have a ribbon cutting ceremony for your new sun room or addition.

Housewarming Pool Party

If you have recently put in a new pool or new deck, then throwing a housewarming party so that your friends and family can enjoy the added amenities. Throwing a pool party can be perfect, especially on a hot summer day.

On your housewarming party invitations, you may choose to have a pool theme, but let the guests know that it is a housewarming or pool-warming party! It should also include information on whether guests should bring their swimsuits and towels so that they can really enjoy the new pool.

Open House Party Invitations

Some people prefer to have an open house rather than a housewarming party set at a certain time. An open allows friend, family, and neighbors to come over anytime during a window of time. This gives the overall theme of the party a more casual tone.

If you have a large family and expect a lot of guests between all the family members, then having an open house may be more manageable than having a set start and end time. An open house may also relieve you from having to provide a lot of food, you can indicate on the housewarming invite that appetizers and light refreshments will be served.

Housewarming Backyard Barbeque Party

A housewarming party can definitely be a fun backyard barbeque, especially if the weather is nice and you are eager to show off your new backyard! And a backyard gathering will give your guests plenty of room to roam - especially if you are inviting kids and pets, too!

A housewarming party located in the backyard will also make a great space for party games. Consider getting some fun lawn games to have available for anyone who wants to play.

Personalized Housewarming Announcements / Invitations

If you're moving into a new home and you know well in advance when you want to have your housewarming party you can kill two birds with one stone and include your party date on you moving announcements. This will allow you to inform everyone of your new address and give them time to plan on attending your housewarming party.

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