Housewarming Party Games

Tournament Lawn Games

If weather permits, you may host your housewarming party entirely in your new backyard. Holding lawn game tournaments are a great way to get your guests involved and entertained for long periods of time. Announcing the tournament in your housewarming party invite will help get your guests excited and will increase the number of participants. A sign-up sheet set up and tournament start time scheduled may be all you need to get the tournament going without any more supervision.

Host a Murder in Your New Home

Hosting a murder in your new home can be a great way to showcase your new place! Hosting a murder does take a little bit of planning, but it can really make your housewarming party a memorable experience. Each hosting a murder game includes everything you will need to set up the party, like the menu, invitations, the clues for solving the murder, and everything in between. Hosting a murder in your home is often considered an adult themed game, so this housewarming party game idea may not be appropriate if you are inviting children. Also, this is better for small groups since these games are usually designed for 6-8 people.

The game involves giving each of your guests a character that they have to play throughout the party. To really get into the game, you should think about decorating your house to match the theme of the game and have your guests come in costume. Not only can your guests enjoy your new home, but they can also solve a murder!

Traditional Board Games / Card Games

Playing traditional board games and card games are always fun when you have your favorite group of friends and family over. There are plenty of board games that can be played with a large amount of players that can be split into different teams. If you and your friends are board game fanatics, then you might ask some guests to bring over their board games or extra sets of cards and host a board game tournament with speedy games like 4-person Scrabble or a card game tournament like Texas Hold 'em.

Town / City Trivia

If your guests live nearby, then you might consider having a trivia contest to see how much they know about their town or city. On a piece of paper you can have random questions about the town that the guests will have a certain amount of time to answer. A lot of answers about your city should easily be found on your city's government website.

You can even find out random fun facts about the city to include; such as:

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be a fun way to let your guests explore your new home! Your scavenger hunt clues could be all house related and hidden in different places around the house. Split your guests into teams and explain the rules and game boundaries and let them loose! Make sure you have a fun prize for the winning team, like bars of soap or candles.

Pool Party Games

Housewarming party games can also include pool games if you are excited about showing your new pool to all of your friends and family. A pool party/housewarming party can be the perfect combination, especially if you are hosting your party during the summer!

Consider getting some fun pool games that your guests can play to welcome them to your home and your new pool. Make sure to announce that it is a pool party, so that your guests bring their swimming attire with them. If there are kids coming over, make sure that you have enough adults supervising the pool to ensure the kids are safe.

Pin Your House on the Map

Create a new spin on the traditional kid's game of pin the tail on the donkey and play pin the house on the map as a housewarming party game. This can even be a fun game for kids to do as well, although for the kids, you may need to lower the placement of the map.

Get a large map of your state or county and get little sticky notes that you have cut into shape of a house. Have each player write their name on a sticky note before they are blindfolded and spun around. After spinning the player around until they are a little dizzy, allow him or her a time limit to stick their house on the map. The person closest to your new home address wins a prize! For a prize, you might consider an address or city related gift, such as a roll of postage stamps or a fun city related travel guide book.

Potato Sack Race

If you are excited about showing off your new backyard, then consider finding some fun outdoor games for guests to play at your housewarming party! A potato sack race can be a fun and quick game that both kids and adults could enjoy.

If you are hosting an adults-only party, then it may be even more fun to get your adult friends involved in this traditional kids game. You may consider having each couple be a team or drawing teams from a hat. It is great to see the competitiveness that emerges when challenging others to a race. Since you may only have a pair of winners for this game, you might choose some funny prizes, like a bag of potato chips or a Mr. Potato Head game.

House and Home Karoake

Karoake can be a lot of fun to break out at any party, but for a housewarming party, you should consider only allowing songs related to houses and homes to be sung. You can even set aside a panel of judges and do a whole American Idol theme for the game.

Some home related songs can include: Sweet Home Alabama (Leonard Skynard), My Home Town (Bruce Springsteen), She's a Brick House (The Commodores), you get the idea!

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