Inexpensive Housewarming Gifts

There are plenty of inexpensive housewarming gifts that any new homeowner would love to receive. There are home improvement items that may come in handy, especially if they have a fixer-upper. Or you can consider some adorable personalized gifts to really help to 'warm' up the new house!

Personalized Christmas Ornament

A beautiful personalized Christmas ornament is a great way to celebrate the purchase of a new home! The first holiday season in a new place is simply magical and a Christmas ornament is a good way to remember those early days years into the future.

Home Improvement Book

A home improvement book is a great way to prepare a new homeowner with the responsibilities that come with owning a home. This is a practical and inexpensive housewarming gift that will come in handy, and possibly save them money on any future repairs!

Wine Stopper

A wine stopper, and maybe a bottle of wine, can be a simple token to express your congratulations. This can be a nice little gift for a new neighbor or acquaintance who just purchased his or her first home.

Welcoming Doormat

What better way to warm up a house than with a welcoming doormat? If you know the style of the new owners, then you might want to pick out the perfect doormat for him or her. This doesn't necessarily have to be for the front door, it can be for the side or even the back door.

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a fun and affordable way to get the new homeowners excited about their new permanent address. Consider their tastes and hobbies when browsing around for the perfect magazine. To present the gift, consider buying the current month's issue with a note telling them there is more to come.


Personalized Coffee Mug

Enjoying a nice cup of coffee in one's new home is a special moment indeed. Consider buying the new homeowner(s) personalized coffee mugs so that they will be reminded of their great accomplishment every time they use your housewarming gift.

Cookbooks for Couples

Cookbooks are a great item to have on hand! If it is a couple who is buying their first home, then consider some fun cookbooks designed especially with a couple in mind.


Candles are a great inexpensive traditional house warming present that any new homeowner will appreciate. Lovely scented candles are a nice way to warm up a new place.

Return Address Labels

Address labels can be a really creative way to congratulate their new home! It will be a great way for them to see their new home address in print and will come in handy for mailing out letters!

Mini Gift Basket

If you want to send a gift basket but are on a budget you can consider sending a mini gift basket. If you are unable to congratulate them in person, then consider sending a yummy little treat to let them know that you are so excited and happy for them.

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