Personalized Housewarming Gifts

Personalized housewarming gifts makes congratulating a new home owner even more special. Purchasing a new home is a major milestone in one's life and should be acknowledged as such because it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to finally be able to buy a house. Whether it's an individual or an entire family, taking some time to says congrats will mean a lot.

There are plenty of creative home-related personalized gift ideas that the new homeowner will be thrilled to receive! Even a little token of congratulations will make their day, so check out these great personalized housewarming presents.

Personalized Name Wall Art

Wall art is always a great house warming gift, but what may be even more special would be if you were able to personalize the wall art! Here are some great pieces of wall art that can highlight the family name of the new homeowners. The letters are formed from pictures in nature or building architecture and would certainly make a unique gift.

Engraved Door Knocker

A beautiful engraved door knocker will certainly make a great statement to house guests! This is certainly a wonderful housewarming present that truly celebrates the achievement of owning a new home.

Personalized Doormat

A personalized doormat with the family name would make a great gift. It will certainly create a feeling of warmth and be welcoming to all guests who cross over the threshold of the family home.

Personalized Home Plaque

A personalized home plaque is a fantastic way to celebrate home ownership. You can include a special date, which may be when the new homeowner's finally close escrow on their house - definitely a date that they will always remember.

Personalized Picture Frame

A personalized picture frame is a simple and thoughtful housewarming gift that any person would appreciate. It would also be a wonderful way to encourage the family or couple to start making new memories in their new home!

Personalized Bowls

A set of personalized bowls for the new homeowners can be a great gift! If you know the family always has a movie night each week, then a set of personalized popcorn bowls, with some popcorn, and maybe a movie or two might make a cool little movie night housewarming package. Or if the family enjoys making their own ice cream, then some cute personalized ice cream bowls might be an awesome gift!

Personalized Canvas Photo Frame

If you have some great pictures of the new home owners, then consider creating some personalized canvas photo art for their new home! One of the best things about moving into a new home is being able to decorate it, and what better artwork to have than some great memories that the new homeowners have shared?

Personalized Yard Stake

Give the new homeowners a way to stake their claim on their real estate purchase! A personalized yard stake is a great way for them to make a statement and to greet all incoming house guests.

Personalized Afghan

A personalized afghan or throw can make a beautiful housewarming present. You can customize the afghan with special names or memorable dates. This would definitely make a comfortable and decorative gift.

Personalized Hand Towels

Personalized hand towels can be a wonderful gift that they can display in their guest bathroom. It is a way to add some individual style to standard house accessories and is a great way to congratulate them on their move.

Personalized Address Labels & Stampers

What better way to celebrate a new home than with new home address labels or stamps? This is a creative way to say congratulations and is also a practical office accessory for any busy household. And seeing a new home address in print will mean a lot to the new home owners.

Personalized Apron

Do they love to cook or even grill outdoors? Then consider some fun personalized aprons that will allow her or him to cook and entertain in their new home in style!

Personalized Coaster Set

Personalized coasters can be a great addition to a new home bar or family den! And if the owners are throwing a housewarming party, then a set of personalized drink coasters will come in real handy, real fast.

Personalized Desk Clock

A beautiful desk clock can be a great housewarming gift. It can be displayed in a home office or even a fireplace mantle. And adding a personalized congratulatory message will make this gift even more meaningful.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

A personalized Christmas ornament is a simple and thoughtful way to say congrats. Celebrating the holidays in a new home will always hold special memories for new homeowners, and a personalized ornament is a great way to relive those early days every holiday season.

Personalized Drink & Barware

Personalized drink or barware can be a fun present for an individual or couple who loves to entertain. It will also be a great addition to a new home bar or game room. Along with personalized drink and barware, you might consider including a nice bottle of wine as a companion gift.

Personalized Street Sign

A personalized street sign is a fun and creative gift. By customizing it with an individual or family's name they can proudly hang it up in their new game room or garage.

Personalized Garden Decor

If the new owners have green thumbs and are already making plans for their new backyard, then consider giving them some personalized garden decor to get them excited about the possibilities.

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