Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Many traditional housewarming gifts hold significant meaning. For instance, bread is a traditional gift given so that you may never go hungry. A broom is another traditional gift that represents a clean home and to sweep away evil spirits. This table lists each traditional gift along with a brief explanation of its meaning.

Gift Meaning
Bread May those in your home never go hungry.
Broom May your house always be clean and free of evil spirits.
Candles May you always have light through the darkest times.
Coins May you receive luck and good fortune.
Honey May you always enjoy the sweetness of life.
Knives May your home always be protected from intruders.
Olive Oil May you be blessed with health and well-being.
Plants May your home always have life.
Rice May the love in your home multiply. (fertility)
Salt May there always be flavor and spice in your life.
Wine May you always have joy and never go thirsty.
Wood May your home have stability, harmony, and peace.

In modern times, it may be a little strange to give a new homeowner these types of gifts, but the meanings can still be celebrated, but perhaps with more contemporary items. When offering traditional items to the new home owners, you might consider giving them the meaning behind the gift so that they will know your intentions and hopes for their new home.


Bread is another traditional housewarming gift that is given so that the new homeowners never go hungry. A great twist on this traditional gift is to give the new owners a bread machine, which will always be a nice reminder of the meaning behind this tradition every time they use it.


A broom is traditionally given to signify a clean home and a way to sweep away evil. Again, this may be the perfect gift for a person just starting out in their own place! It's practical and useful, and the meaning behind it is a terrific way to present the gift.


Candles are traditionally given so that the new homeowners always have light and so the light may banish any dark and difficult times. Candles are always a nice gift, especially if there is extra meaning behind it.


Coins are traditionally presented to new home owners to give them luck and good fortune! Perhaps some nice coins paired with a piggy bank or other fun money holder can be a cool way to present this traditional gift idea.


Honey is often given to new homeowners so that they may experience the sweetness of life! This is a really cute gesture and the meaning behind it would be welcomed and appreciated by any new homeowner.


Knives are given so that new homeowners may protect their home from intruders. This can be the perfect traditional gift idea if they do not already have all of the kitchen gear they need.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is often given to bestow good health and well being. A beautiful set of flavored olive oil can be a wonderful way to congratulate them and wish them health and goodness in their new home.


Plants are a traditional gift given to ensure that the owners always have life. A beautiful house plant or even outdoor plant (if the new owners have a new backyard) can be a lovely gift. There are also some cool plant kits that will allow the homeowners to grow their own bonsai forest or even a little tulip or apple tree, which may be a fun project for the new homeowners!


Rice given as a housewarming gift is meant to be a sign of fertility. This would be a fun gift to give to a new young couple who are planning to start their own family soon, but if you do not know their future plans, then you might consider another traditional gift idea for now.


Salt is a traditional house warming present given to ensure that the new owners always have spice in their life or that their life may always have flavor! While a container of Morton's salt is always an option, consider some specialty salts or even bath salts to pay homage to this tradition in a modern way.


Wine is another traditional gift that is given so that the new homeowners never go thirsty and always have joy within their home. If you are invited to an evening housewarming party, then a bottle of wine may be the perfect traditional and modern gift idea!


Wood is another traditional gift that means you wish them harmony, stability, and peace in the new home. Here are a few modern takes on this wooden tradition that any new homeowner would appreciate. Or consider some other wooden housewarming gift ideas.

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