Wood Housewarming Gifts

Wood is given as a housewarming gift to symbolize stability, harmony, and peace. There are a wide variety of wooden gift choices available for the home, so the hard part may be finding out exactly what type of wood gift to give!

If the new homeowners love to cook, then a wooden kitchen gift would be a great way to congratulate them on their purchase. If the new homeowners have younger children, then some quality wooden toys may also be a wonderful gift to give that fall under the traditional theme of wood.

Here are some great wooden housewarming gift ideas that you can consider when looking for the best gift for the new homeowners.

Wooden Chopping Block / Cutting Board

A sturdy chopping block is a great accessory to any kitchen. A chopping block is essential for someone who loves to cook and can certainly make a wonderful wooden gift. If the new homeowner is moving into a much bigger space or into a home with a gorgeous kitchen, then a quality chopping block would be appreciated.

And a big, heavy duty chopping block can be lovely enough to keep out on display and ready to use! If they already own a chopping block, then you might consider getting them a specialty bread cutting block that captures fallen crumbs and could also be used as as serving tray.

Personalized Picture Frame or Photo Album

A personalized family picture frame or photo album can be a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a new homeowner. Since they will be starting a new chapter in their lives, a new photo album can be a cool way to signify the big change! And they can start collecting new memories in their new digs asap!

Wine Rack

A table top or wall wine rack can make a great gift for homeowners who are also wine lovers. If you know the decorative tastes of the new homeowners, then it will certainly make choosing a nice wine rack easier, so if they enjoy dark or rustic wood furniture, then they may just fall in love with these wooden wine racks.

Personalized Recipe Box

An adorable personalized recipe box can be a great gift for a cook! Now he or she will have a special place to begin collecting favorite recipes. If the new homeowner has enjoyed some of your signature dishes in the past, then you might consider adding those to the recipe box to get him or her started on their recipe collection!

Wooden Bowls or Serving Platters

A nice wooden bowl or serving platter can make a lovely wood housewarming gift. If the homeowner has a fun kitchen decor, then you might try to find a unique serving tray that matches. Serving trays and bowls are especially useful if the person loves to entertain.

Wooden Toys

If the couple has small children, then why not give the kids a fun wooden housewarming gift? Moving can be a very difficult period for a young person and a little gift can be a nice way to help them become accustomed to their new space. And it will help them to feel more involved in the whole process.

Wooden Coasters

Wooden coasters can make a great low-key housewarming gift for the new homeowners. Along with the coasters, you might consider getting a nice bottle of wine and even some wine glasses. It would be the perfect trio of gifts! And wine is considered a traditional housewarming gift that means that the giver hopes the new homeowners never go thirsty.

Wooden Decorative House Sign

A cute or funny wooden house sign can be a fun gift to give to a new homeowner. If the have recently purchased a house with a pool, then you might consider getting a sign that has a beach party or pool theme! Or you can find a cool sign that would be appropriate for a home bar or family den.

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